Our Special Menus


Seasoned fresh salad, lettuces & herbs, Ojing-O (boiled squid) with Cho-Jang sauce. (Spicy) Served as cold salad.

Mok Sam Gyeop

Lightly salted pork scotch steak. One of the most popular meats in Korea. You will LOVE it!! Fresh Cut & Marinated available


We have course menus for 2 people and 4 people. You can try up to 6 different meats and entrees. Good for first timers!

Special Events

Korean Table Setting

Table settings and manners in Korea The prominent feature of a Korean table setting is that all dishes are served at the same time.

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Korean Cuisine

Korean cooking has a distinct national identity that, in its contemporary form, combines dishes and techniques from both peasant diets and royal palace foods.

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There are several ways to enjoy Korean Traditional Grill "FARO"

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Today's Hot

Bibimbab (Beef/Chicken/Seafood/Vege)

Rice with seasoned vegetables, chosen toppings & chili paste.

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Miru Set for 4

2 Entrees, 6 Meats, Small Bibimbab & Dessert for 4 People

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Fried bean curd wrap with fresh vegetables & flying fish roe (4 Piece)

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